explosion.jpg one of the things I get to do in my life is teach–it is both a great joy and honor and equally,a frustrating, exhausting task.  I teach filmmaking–and that is to say, I teach what it means to shape the world around us with stories and images.  How to think about shaping what we make and offer into the world.  My big thing is that every image has an impact–and we have to think about the impact we want and WHY.

A lot of my students are young men, college age. And mot of them are kind, caring and passionate.  And the one topic that is like lighting a can filled with fireworks is the topic of privilege.  ‘Let’s talk about white privilege today…how your status of being white and male shapes how you experience the world and the world experiences you.”  BOOM, FIREWORKS, BIG EXPLOSION, ZOMBIZE

They think of the concept of privilege as really about being racist.  It is hard to hold a place that says how you are treated is not how all people are treated and not feel guilty and then angry.  It’s part of being privileged–most of the world reinforces their experiences and they must be RIGHT, right?  RIGHTRIGHTRIGHTRIGHT…  It is hard to realize that the world is more interesting than just right or wrong, And that you can make it even more interesting in your work by thinking about the different experiences of the world in your work.

One of the core girls of TVbyGIRLS, Thryn found this wonderful piece about privilege that I want to share with you (and my classes). Made by Robot-Hugs. com


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