noise-2 noise-1-1

I may have mentioned that I am working on a new documentary about relearning, rediscovering how to hear.  My friend, Chuck Duncan, is a musician, sound guy, computer guy.  Last spring, he suddenly lost his hearing in his right ear.  Boom, suddenly, just like that…like a surprise crash of thunder or a crash of a pan falling or a sudden bark of a dog…whoosh and he had no hearing in his right ear.

Now that doesn’t mean silence…oh no, quite the opposite.  As his brain tried to make sense of no longer receiving recognizable impulses, he heard a roar of sound–like a cosmos of static, roaring and sometimes punctuated with phantom known sounds–a bell, a bird, a voice.

It’s called tinnitus.  We casually think of it as ‘ringing in your ears’.  This isn’t ringing, it’s roaring-freight trains of audio static roaring through your environment.

So, in January, Chuck had a cochlear implant.  A little computer that was put inside his ear that sends impulses to an array of diodes running through the little seashell shaped cochlea.  That then send impulses to the brain to make sound.  So the next step, program the array and relearn, rediscover how to hear the nuances of the symphony of real sounds around us.  That’s what the doc will look at.

Recently I found this delightful little short stop motion animation that uses a visual imagination to reflect how sound plays in our life.  I think you’ll like it.

Chuck and Laura at Mayo clinic

You can use the link at the top of this post or this link to see the stop motion video:


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