today, I took the puppy to the dog park.  That is my 1 year old 68 pound german shepherd puppy. She has been so pent up with our cold weather.  Whining at the door, I open the door, she looks at me and I close the door.  

But she needed to run and wrestle.  for her mental health as well as mine.

I stood in a huge field in the prairie (which is now owned by the Airport Commission).  With 6 other people totally wrapped up.  And 8 dogs frantically playing as the wind gusted at 50 miles an hour, blowing snow in huge white clouds towards us.  

Oooh, we love our dogs.  And we are intrepid.  And ooh are we fortunate to have places to go that are warm and safe.  A woman told me that North Dakota took a very long time before it became a state.  She thinks because it is so cold, nobody wanted to stay past the first winter.

I felt noble and in pain with frozen hands and feet.  I am keenly aware that the 21st century is very very different than what came before…very very different in America that is.

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